Monday, February 24, 2014

The Week of February 24th


Well, gals, we had a wonderful preview of spring with this weekend's weather!  The start of spring just has to be around the corner.  I mean, Sullivan's is open, which is always a sign we're close!

Jimmy Fallon totally killed it during his first week.  My favorite moments were this and this.

Did you hear LiLo is resurfacing with a new reality show?  I'm gonna need to figure out how to get access to this since I don't think I have the OWN channel...

If you watch Pretty Little Liars (okay, I do too), you'll agree with this article!  Viewers have been tortured a lot this year (spoiler alert!).

One of my favorite shows to DVR, The Americans, comes back for its third season this Wednesday night.  And don't forget about the 86th Academy Awards this Sunday!  The Oscars are another sign of winter's end.  We'll surely have a fashion round-up for you in next week's coffee break!

Some friends and I checked out the Harpoon Beer Hall this past Saturday (walked there and back in the amazing weather, finally able to not have to wear boots!).  The environment, prices and staff were great!  I will be sure to return the next chance I have!

On a similar note, Yuengling beer is finally being served in the Hub!  The company has announced where you can find it in your favorite neighborhood bar, and it looks like Yuengling by the bottle is coming next week.

Yettttt another reality show about Boston's "finest," but now Marky Mark is featuring "blue collar" women from the area.  This cannot be positive for our city's reputation...

The Olympics sure brought us many highs and lows these past few weeks.  Which was your favorite event to watch?  Are you surprised by the US standings?

It has been twenty years since the epic Harding/Kerrigan battle on ice.  Did you catch the interview about this last night?

Fitbit bands have been widely popular this past year.  Although, the company just announced its "Force" line had to be recalled.  Hopefully the newer, improved, model is on its way soon!

AND, J U S T  B E C A U S E . . .

  • I found this interesting, the evolution of the area code
  • As much as I can't stand T.Swift, I had to share the pun about new BFFLs, Lorde & Taylor
  • A hilarious commercial (NSFW) about being sexually responsible and natural condoms that donate proceeds to developing countries.
  • Friends + finances just never mix well.
  • An important article about cleaning your home and how there are always hidden spots for grime to hide!
  • I am totally pre-ordering one of these bad boys as soon as they're available... I'd love Gray Malin with me all day, every day!  Let's also hope there is one for the iPhone6 (if that surfaces this year)!
  • How to finally get rid of those pesky random people who add you on Linked In.

If you're new to JUGs, be sure to check back daily.  And remember, we'll have a new playlist for you on Saturday!  Hope you have a great week!

- Meredith

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